Very little grows on jagged rock

Be ground. Be crumbled

So wildflowers will come up where you are.

You’ve been stony for too many years.

Try something different. Surrender.



Your First Eyes/444

“A lover has four streams inside, of water, wine, honey, and milk. Find those in yourself and pay no attention to what so -and – so says about such and such. The rose does not care if someone calls it a thorn, or a jasmine. Ordinary eyes categorize human beings.

‘That one is Zoroastrian. This one is Muslim.’ Walk instead with the other vision given to you,

Your first eyes.

Bow to the essence in a human being. Do not be content with judging people good and bad. Grow out of that. The great blessing is that Shams has poured a strength into the ground that lets us wait and trust the waiting.” –Rumi