Ekphrastic Prints

Try not to laugh-this is the first print this semester that I’m actually proud of. I wrote a story about these characters that I’ve been dreaming about lately. The characters were conceived from my math homework, believe it or not. When I first turned my math expressions and scrap work sideways, I saw faces! I ended up naming four of the following characters: Sam, Sebi, Raquel, and Cindy-Sleepy Cindy. (You can laugh now). The narration was superimposed on 3 other prints using light blue ink. I prefer the faces without the text, aesthetically, because of their boldness, simplicity, and naivete. Anyhow, this is how they look with the text:


I think I have a WAY better handle on acetate registration, flooding a screen, and angling a squeegee(Best word ever, by the way) now… Although there is ALWAYS room for A LOT of improvement. Formally, I think the composition would have benefitted from less empty and unactivated space. In the end, and throughout the process of completing this assignment, I genuinely had a lot of fun coming up with these little guys.


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