Fru-stractions: Abstractions of John Frusciante

RHCP Diptych

This design attempted to harness the celestial creative power of the musician, John Frusciante. He is the former guitarist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. These paintings explore the interplay of vocal harmonies and guitar solos, intros, and outros in five Red Hot Chili Peppers songs. Triangular forms denote vocal harmonies between Anthony Kiedis (Lead) and Frusciante (background). Circles and circular forms (half-circles, crescents) signify guitar intros, outros, and solos. The respective colors reflect my interpretations of the mood and pace of the guitar pieces and the vocal harmonies. Hue Code: blue=sad, slow, red-orange=fast paced, high-spirited; yellow=happy, grey=cold, apathetic, turquoise=calm, pink=nostalgic.

Loopy Fru!

This painting captures John Frusciante saying his notorious(to his global fandom I suppose) “You Know,” phrase in several interviews on Youtube. The phrases are embodied by loops, in which color was applied intuitively and with a palette knife; Loops were euphorically applied within a clockwise configuration, central to the canvas. Each utterance has a unique quality, highlighted by texture and line movement. The under-painting was executed with a paintbrush.

Update, 2018: I removed images of the paintings because I am no longer satisfied with the visual results.


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