Musical Cubes, 2015


An Original Installation-piece by Sireen Jawdat 

I enjoyed playing with color and scale. My primary intention was for the audience to be engaged in an experience that reveals our interconnectedness in a quantum evolving world.

In order to find the color configuration for each cube in the puzzle, I had to obtain and smash an actual toy cube against the ground.

The absurd scale of the cube might initiate a dialogue and examination of evolution from childhood to adulthood. The cube’s scale and the scale of its individual pieces infantilize the players of the game, making them look and feel like small children. 

Having been exposed to so much social practice already this semester, the notion of community has been surfacing a bit in my most recent work. The fact that this sculpture is a puzzle means that pieces must work together to form something larger- like a community. In itself, it is bigger than any one of us. 

For my performance/presentation, I prompted my classmates to solve the puzzle collaboratively, while listening to music I played through speakers. The game worked like musical chairs, in that if a player was holding a cube while the music stopped, they were eliminated from the game. 


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