The Many Characters of Kalup Linzy


Taiwan III medKalup Linzy as Taiwan, 2015.
Image by Will Lytch.

USFCAM will feature video and performance artist Kalup Linzy in its next exhibition, A Family Affair, opening August 24. Linzy pays homage to the genre of soap operas in his intentionally low-budget videos, which range from episodic shorts to a feature film. These videos explore his fascination with breaking boundaries of stereotypes, sexuality, gender and society. According to Linzy, the most important theme in his work is “family, friends, and relationships.” Trademarks of his work also include melodrama, dialogue overdubs in his own voice, and the casting of himself in multiple roles, often in drag.

Linzy’s voiceovers began as a class project during his time as a student at USF, where he earned a BFA and an MFA. He recorded a variety of character voices in a staged telephone conversation on video. To explore communication between language and race, he…

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