Locally Sourced

On February 19th I went to see the Locally Sourced exhibit(Curated by Victoria Reis of the Transformer Gallery) in the AU Museum. This was a guided exhibit, with many of the artists on site, explaining their work in terms of conceptual development and technical processing. A lively aesthetic was shared by 6 community supported art programs(6 different cities were represented). As the curator mentioned during the introduction speech, there were many common themes, visually, mainly because there seemed to be a collective focus on abstract depictions of humans in nature and in relationship to nature.

One printmaker from the Transformer gallery exhibit mentioned that she was fascinated by the human anatomy; she pointed out her renderings which were abstractions of grotesque inner organs. Separated from the body, they actually looked quite beautiful, colorful, and complex.

The “Three Walls” exhibit from Chicago featured an audio visual section; with two themes/series of images and a double sided record. The idea was to engage participants in the calming string music with one set of images while the other set of images was in harmony with the B side of the same record. It was interesting to swap them around and to challenge my own perception of audio-visual synchronicity. The B side featured more harsh music and colder colors. I enjoyed the interactive quality of this part of the exhibit.

Another artist from Transformer spoke about marginalization in society, especially pertaining to the genderqueer community. One of her prints was of her “spirit animal”, a goat.

One of my favorite pieces was this hilarious video from Pelican Bomb, the New Orleans collective. With a green screen in the background, it seems as though a girl is poking fun at impressions of people from Luisiana, by creating an extremely exaggerated impression of herself. She claims to be a descendant of crocodiles. It was quite funny.

Overall, this exhibit was fun, colorful, and thought provoking, and I would definitely recommend it to friends.


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