Urban Circus

PROJECT STATEMENT- A city is a difficult place to achieve balance and focus. Meditation is certainly a way to cope with that fact, and be present to the reality of the life that surrounds us. My video explores the challenge of finding balance and focus, by exhibiting people participating in physical activities, flow arts, and meditation, with various types of music.

RESEARCH PROCESS- Research for this project entailed gathering subjects and picking shooting locations and music. The enchanting bamboo flute music was a gift to me from an extremely enlightened and kind spiritual teacher named Jonathan Foust. The loud music that was used was the most horrible, loud music I could find from my music library.

PRODUCTION PROCESS- To produce this video, I did two main shoots. I shot my first subject, Luke, at Meridian Hill Park, where there was also a drum circle going on. After shooting Luke with two types of contrasting source music, we went up to the circle and filmed some hula hoopers. The following weekend, I called up my cousin Lenna and she kindly agreed to be a subject. We did this shoot on the lawn at Dupont Circle, with more flow artists coincidently on the scene. These folks were trying to walk a tightrope which was humorous at times. Lenna proceeded to meditate, also with two contrasting types of music.

One thing I might have done differently in terms of technical application is that I might have liked to experiment with “two-shots.” . During the editing process, I had to switch around some of the audio-but frankly I ended up really enjoying the bizarre result.


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