I love the jukebox at the Black Cat.  I was hanging out there after doing the shoot for my time-concept gif, and after seeing a ridiculous vampire mockumentary called What We Do In The Shadows. Anyway, so there I was, yapping passionately about the 4th dimension, enjoying a beverage. Then it struck me like lightning, how much I love that thing(the jukebox) so I pulled out my tripod and camera, which I was reluctant to have been lugging around until that moment.

While Crosstown Traffic, by Jimi Hendrix was playing, I got Will to flip through their superb music selection for about 45 frames. I had fun rotoscoping and experimenting with color in photoshop.  While my concept for the first gif may be more developed, I am more pleased with this one, aesthetically. Music inspires everything that I do creatively, so I feel that this gif is sufficient in substance and context-there is certainly a story behind it. I would assert that the story is more natural and spontaneous than my time concept.

In terms of production of the gif, I took the photos, uploaded them and imported them as .tif files, and then worked on them as layers into photoshop. I used the photobucket tool to create amorphous shapes and toyed with different colors and borders for each layer. I then rasterized all layers, created a motion timeline, and made sure each frame was .03 seconds. Finally, I made sure to make the gif loop infinitely, and then “saved it to the web”.


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