Break On Through(To The Other Side)

Original statement of Intention: My idea is to capture someone crossing the street. They are to twirl halfway through the crosswalk. While editing, I will reverse/rearrange the frames so that seconds are increasing. The figure is trapped in an infinite loop of time increasing and decreasing depending on how the viewer perceives it. My hope is to spark a dialogue about our diverse perceptions of time. The subject is my friend, Will.

Technical: The result deviated a bit from the idea exhibited in the storyboard/statement. I’m glad I decided to give myself a little creative freedom however, while I was shooting, because new possibilities emerged from the original concept/intention. A new idea arose with the twirl, which was that I wanted to emphasize the idea of looping. That being said, I am also happy to have maintained fidelity with my aesthetic theme throughout the evolution of my project.



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